Project Overview

Quimby Gym - NM School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Renovation
This project encompassed about 17,000 square feet and renovated showers in the natatorium, and gym areas, added offices to the natatorium, and renovated the basketball court, weight room, wrestling room and surrounding areas, new roofing materials and some site work. This was completed in 2021.
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Desert Star Elementary School, New Construction
Built 2014-2015 with a total of 65,000 sf. This is a modern, single story, multi-wing school containing all the elements necessary to provide a solid elementary level education. Project included a library/multimedia center, computer labs, cafeteria, gymnasium, healthcare suite, administration suite, special education classrooms and labs, playground equipment and landscaping.
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NMSBVI, Renovation
Miscellaneous Deficiencies. Completed 2013. Approximately 64,000 sf spread across 9 buildings plus demolition of a 150' tall water tower, sidewalk repairs and extensive underground utility upgrades. Building renovation work included interior finishes, roofs, indoor pool repairs, window replacement. Two of the buildings were listed on the Register of Historic Places.

Yucca Elementary School, Renovation
This was a 50,000 sf multi-phased renovation that upgraded the existing school to meet ADA requirements. We renovated the administrative area, replaced the existing roof, HVAC equipment, updated all classroom finishes and educational support areas. New landscaping and play areas were also included in this project.
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AHS Plumbing Renovation
AHS Plumbing Renovations. In 3 phases to plumbing systems that included DWV, piping, fixtures and equipment.
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Roswell Schools, Renovation/Upgrades
2005. Miscellaneous upgrades and renovations to nine South schools.

AHS Locker rooms, Renovation
Completed 2011. This was a 22,700 sf renovation of the Alamogordo High School locker rooms and restrooms. This project required extensive underground plumbing repair and replacement, new fixtures and equipment
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AHS New Votec Building, New Addition
2000. This was the addition of a vocational tech wing to the existing campus.

Capitan Schools, Renovation
2006. Several miscellaneous repairs and renovations.

Tularosa E/S, New Construction and Renovation
2003. This was 36,000 sf of classroom renovation that started with completely gutting and rebuilding the classroom wing, adding new administration suite and library.

Industrial Arts Complex & Childhood Development Center, new construction.
Completed 2003. This 12,600 sf building in Carrizozo, NM provided space for the Industrial Arts program at Carrizozo schools. This is a very unique and modern type of building.
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Carrizozo Schools, Renovations
2006. Miscellaneous repairs and renovations.<

German School, New Construction
This is a 24,000 sf K-12 school. It features a gymnasium, science labs and computer labs.

Nob Hill Elementary, Addition
1999. Addition to the Nob Hill ES in Ruidoso, nm.

Chaparral School, Addition
1998. This addition included a library, cafeteria and a classroom wing.

Lincoln County Medical Center, New
Completed in 2009. This was a 9,800 sf medical center in Ruidoso, NM featuring indoor pool.
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Regency Retirement Community
1996. This was the first phase of a four building development. This building contained 12 apartments serving retired adults.

Betty Dare, Additions & Renovations
Added new wings for physical therapy, dining and kitchen areas and areas for craft activities.

LCDF San Miguel, New Construction
Completed 2012. This is a 6,000 sf, single story family services clinic.
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LCDF Renovations, Chaparral & East Mesa
Completed 2014. Each of these clinics was about 4200 sf and underwent renovation totaling 30% of building space while occupied. Renovation included reception areas, exam rooms and offices, plus site fencing.

Sr. Citizens Center, Silver City, New
This was a completely new facility.

First Baptist, Ruidoso, New Construction
Completed in 2003. This is a 47,000 Baptist Church in Ruidoso, NM.
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Bethel Baptist,New Buildings
1991. The project was a new Auditorium/Sanctuary of 5800 square feet.

Bethel Baptist Adult Education Building, New.
Completed 2011. This 9.600 sf building provides office, meeting rooms, kitchen facilities to support the Adult Education Center.

Grace United Methodist, Renovation
1998. This project was a major renovation including all new mechanical systems.

First American Bank – Artesia, New Construction
This is an 8 lane drive-up facility including building and parking lot . The drive-up building and the main building were connected by an underground tunnel.
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First American - Roswell, New Construction
This was a completely new full service branch office.

Artesia National Bank, New Construction
2005. All new bank building with drive up, ATM, parking lot and landscaping.
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State National Bank, New Construction
2001. This project is located in Alamogordo.

First National Bank, North Alamogordo
This is a branch office on a Mall pad site.

First National Bank, Renovation
This was a renovation of the main First Street office.

First National Bank, Renovation 2007
This was a renovation of the second floor of the main Tenth Street office. Included in this was a new Computer Center.

First National Bank, Renovation 2011
This project completed the second floor renovation, adding a state of the art Operations Center and Information Technology suite.

Income Support - Alamogordo, New Construction
This was a new 10,000 sf office building.

HAFB – Misc School Renovations
Since 2010 several buildings were renovated on base to allow them to better meet the needs of the customers. Typically selective demolition and build back to specifications would include new walls, floors finishes and mechanical to bring the buildings up to current standards for energy consumption and accessibility. In the summer of 2016 we performed an extensive HVAC and finishes renovation on an extremely short time scale. Fall classes were not impacted, with school starting on time.

Otero County Courthouse, Renovation,
1996. This was a second floor addition of 8000 sf. The renovation included a new courtroom, new Judge's chambers, new jury room, library and commission meeting room.

Eddy County Road Dept, Artesia, New Construction
Completed 2015. This was a 5,300 sf single story office space with site improvements, including landscaping, parking lots and a shade structure.
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Eddy County Road Dept,Carlsbad - Renovation + Addition.
Completed 2015. The addition and the renovations to the existing building totaled 5,600 sf. Work included the demolition of a small existing addition and the building of a new, larger addition.
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Fire Stations 5 and 6 - New Construction
These were two completely new fire stations, each containing living facilities and apparatus bays.

Big Lots, Alamogordo, NM - Renovation
This was a space renovation to meet the needs of the new Big Lots! store. This renovation was 37,000 square feet.
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Otero County Electric Co-op, Tularosa - New Construction
Completed 2012. This was a 19,000 sf metal building with approximately 25% built as office space and the remainder used as warehouse.

Otero County Electric Co-op, Lineman's Warehouse - New Construction
Completed 2014. This is a 4,000 sf metal building with several offices and a conference room built inside. Included in this project is a water catchment system and composting fixture(s).

Alamogordo Elks Club - New Construction
This was a club house for the Elks that included a new indoor pool as part of the facility.

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